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Laserlike Focus

In this fast-paced, device-driven world, all a parent really wants for their child is for them to be happy, enjoy life and achieve the success they desire.

In order to accomplish any goal, you must be focused and disciplined, especially when the going gets tough. Martial arts teaches these valuable skills and so much more. Kids' focus and confidence will soar!

Our Members Speak Out
Life-Changing Results

“I love it!!!”
“Great Establishment! This is the REAL deal! True Lineage, real martial arts. Great instructors, great owners, and even better student community. this is not a "belt factory"* Everyone here is welcoming and encouraging and helps you achieve your best.”
Meredith Peloquin
“Highly recommend!!”
“All students work very with each other to practice and improve, and Senseis Raffi and Susan Derderian go above and beyond to share their knowledge and skills with everyone in their dojo. I am 41 and joined DAMA a year and a half ago, and signed my 9 yr old son up last summer, and I could not be happier with my martial arts school choice!”
Rebecca Volpe
“Life changing!!!!”
“The Derderian Academy of Martial arts is exactly what you should look for in a martial arts school. I've been going there since I was in the 7th grade, and I am now done with college. It has helped me tremendously along the way, in physical fitness, self confidence, discipline, and social skills. It is immensely rewarding to learn a martial art, and that is especially true here. Nothing is given to you, if you want to move ahead, you need to work for it. Once you rise up in belts, you will be able to tell, because it has been earned through much practice, trial, and error. If you truly want to learn martial arts, this is the school for you.”
Garrett Beeley

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