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Jeet Kune Do – Superior street fighting skills are yours.

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Jeet Kune Do encourages adaptability to any situation. It is relatively easy to defend oneself from attackers when one is trained to react to the situation at hand instead of relying on fixed techniques. In fact, this is one of the best martial arts for street fighting. What’s awesome about this system is that it can be practiced by people of all ages and levels of physical fitness. Students gain improved mental focus and agility from having to quickly adapt to changing situations. Anyone who practices Jeet Kune Do regularly will also gain a great deal of discipline, empowerment and self-confidence that comes from self-knowledge and looking after oneself. 


The health and fitness benefits of learning this style of fighting are countless. For starters, it improves balance and flexibility instead of merely focusing on power. As a result, students benefit from improved coordination and agility. A regular practice of Jeet Kune Do can also help a person stay fit and healthy as the training demands serious physical conditioning. As you learn how to stop hits and kicks, epic calories will be burned, keeping your body in tip-top shape. In no time at all, you’ll build muscle, strength and stamina. You can expect a great workout in every class as you push beyond your physical limits. Endorphins will increase, stress will decrease, and you’ll enjoy an overall sense of fantastic wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: 'Jeet' means to intercept or to stop; 'Kune' is the fist; and 'Do' is the way, the ultimate reality. When put together, it means the way of the intercepting fist. Founded by Bruce Lee in 1967, there is no series of rules or classification technique that make up a clear Jeet Kune Do method of fighting. Many recognize it to simply be a mixture of many different elements from numerous fighting styles, all combined to form a well-rounded art that is meaningful to each student.
A: While the classes can be challenging and physically demanding at times, you do not need to get in shape first. Jeet Kune Do is designed for everyone, regardless of fitness level. In fact, taking classes is the best way to get into shape. Our class format is created to push students but also allow them to progress and reach their goals at a pace they feel comfortable with.
A: There are no set rules for how often to practice. Some students come as often as 3 or 4x a week while others come only 1 or 2x. The benefits of Jeet Kune Do are numerous and include strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, focus, and self-discipline to name a few. We believe that you will find the right number that works best for your body, schedule, and life.

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Michelle Arena
- a month ago
Excellent my son has been going to Derderian Academy for almost 6 years and he has learnt so much and his confidence has greatly improved. I would recommend to anyone..

Andrew Whitman
- 2 months ago
I have practiced martial arts under Sifu Raffi for around 8 years now. I started (nervously) from scratch, but Sifu Raffi and all of the other instructors worked patiently and constructively to build my skills and my form. Never have I been felt down, never have I felt like I didn't belong here and never have I regretted signing up at this school. I have accumulated much knowledge and made many new friends through my experience here, and it's been completely worth every minute spent in the dojo. Also, Sensei Susan leads an incredible yoga class every week. You'll find yourself working muscles you didn't even know you had. Highly recommend.

Saikon Gbehan
- a year ago
My son has been attending Derderian for about 3 years. When I first signed him up, I didn't really know what to expect. However, the more he went, the more he enjoyed it. He started in the Tigers (younger) class just learning the basic foundations of martial arts. He has since moved up to the Dragons and is so excited and motivated to learn more and move up in the ranks. As he achieves higher belt levels and stripes, I noticed that he has gained more confidence. Its a great program and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Eric Covino
- 12 months ago
Our daughter joined up recently and we couldn't be happier. It's a really positive and welcoming environment with extremely accomplished and competent instructors and staff. We are grateful that there is a strong focus on the core tenets of the martial arts and that promotions are earned rather than given. I would highly recommend Derderian to anyone looking to experience, or have their child experience, an authentic martial arts program with all the amazing & beneficial life lessons that come along with it. A+

Patricia Lewis-Porrazzo
- a year ago
My son has attended to Derderian Academy for the past three years and has loved it! The staff is extremely patient and takes their time with each individual student. They reinforce having manners, having integrity and respectfulness towards others. My husband and I would strongly recommend to Derderian Academy to any young girl or boy who is interested!

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